Affordable Web Sites for Small Businesses, Communities and Clubs
Based in Dorset, UK
When looking for a plumber, builder, electrician, garage or school,
Most people look on the Internet before anywhere else,
Web sites aren't scary things, we do all the scary bits for you
We build your web site and get it in the search engines
We will set up an email service for you, either a dedicated email account
We can add a payment page to your web site so your customers
Look at your web site as a full colour page advert,
where is the first place you look?
are you there?
We register your Domain Name and renew it every year automatically....
We host the web site on our server and maintain your website....
or send emails directly to your personal account....
can pay directly to your PayPal account.
24 hours a day, 365 days a year to billions of people.
How to get started …
Firstly, you need a Domain Name (eg  Don’t search on the Internet to see if
it is available unless you know what you are doing.
 There are unscrupulous people out there that can see
your search on certain web sites, they then buy the name you searched for and try to sell it to you at an
extortionate price.  I know, because it happened to me.  Write your ideas down or email them to us and let us do the checking for you.  If your business name is unique (not common English words) or is misspelt, you have a good chance of getting the name you want.  Keep it as short as possible, nobody will remember a long name unless it’s really catchy.  
Don’t buy a Domain Name, it will be tied to that service provider for 2 months and we can’t use it.

Secondly, we want to know the style of web site you would like.  If you see a web site that you like the look and feel of, we can create your web site of a similar style.  We also have some templates for you to browse which can give you ideas.
Click the Templates tab at the top of this page.

Apart from helping us design your web site, that is all you need to do, we do all the rest for you.  You can help
us by supplying any promotion material, leaflets, business card, photos etc.
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