Affordable Web Sites for Small Businesses, Communities and Clubs
Based in Dorset, UK
When looking for a plumber, builder, electrician, garage or school,
Most people look on the Internet before anywhere else,
Web sites aren't scary things, we do all the scary bits for you
We build your web site and get it in the search engines
We will set up an email service for you, either a dedicated email account
We can add a payment page to your web site so your customers
Look at your web site as a full colour page advert,
where is the first place you look?
are you there?
We register your Domain Name and renew it every year automatically....
We host the web site on our server and maintain your website....
or send emails directly to your personal account....
can pay directly to your PayPal account.
24 hours a day, 365 days a year to billions of people.
What is a shared web site …
If you have a small business on an industrial estate or you have a shop in a shopping complex, maybe sharing a web site with your business associates is a cheaper option for you.
The home page would reflect the estate or shopping complex name (e.g. and each of you would have an advert on the home page.  This would get your business into the search engines and on the Internet. We can supply links to your email address, existing web site, facebook page, web site reviews like Checkatrade etc.  Even if some of the businesses have their own web sites, getting their domain name on other web sites raises their ranking in the search engines.
We don’t charge anything for setting up the web site, the hosting or the domain name.
However, we will charge each of you £25.00 per year for your space on the home page.  If you want more space, we can create a whole page (on the same web site) for an additional cost of £25.00 per year.  We will create all the adverts for free providing there are 10 or more of you in the first year.  Under 10 people, we will charge each of you a one off charge of £25.00 to create the advert.

Click to see an example of a sharing web sites:

Are you the manager of a shopping complex or industrial park, or would be willing to be the coordinator between us and the businesses?  Your business can go on the web site for free if you help us.  Give us a call.
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