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Are you are a local business and want to advertise in this space?

You can for £12.00 per year and all your money will go to the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance

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Most of us have been members of clubs that are dedicated to a particular make of bike.  They can be very cliquey and can be condescending if you buy a different make of bike.  We welcome new members with any type of motorbike, small/big, old/new, we don’t care.  We also welcome members that don’t have a bike and maybe thinking about getting one or just likes to talk about them.  There is a wealth of experience within the club, willing to give advice on different bikes, riding equipment, safety, motorbike maintenance and repairs.

We don’t have a committee or an agenda at the meetings, it is a friendly open forum to discuss events, experiences, news that affects motorcycling etc.  We welcome new ideas for the club which will be decided upon by members, not by a committee or an individual.

We want to actively encourage young and new riders to the club and help them in all aspects of motorcycling, mainly - how to stay alive.  We want to teach new riders how to ride in a group using ‘martials’ or ‘second man drop-off’ techniques.

We welcome bikers no matter what cc you have, but we do insist on 125cc or above for ride-outs.  This is for safety reasons as we need to keep a group of riders moving at a reasonable speed, to prevent dangerous overtaking by cars. Please note: Any rider considered unsafe to the rest of the group....will be excluded from ride-outs, but not from the club.

We meet on the last Friday of every month (except December when we hope to have a Christmas dinner early in the month).  We meet at The Royal Oak, Bere Regis where we have access to a private room most of the time (see Our Venue page for more details and map).

The Rogue Runners are a Dorset based club and supports the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance, in the hope that we will never need their services.  We ask for a £1.00 subscription for each meeting you attend.  At the end of each club year, the money will be donated to the Air Ambulance after deductions for club expenses (which hopefully, will only be this web site).

See the Members & Contacts page and give us a call, we are a friendly bunch and very much welcome new friends.  Join our facebook group where we will post meetings and ride-outs.

Why Rogues? 1. We are not associated to any brand of motorcycle 2. The club doesn’t have a committee 3. We welcome people of all ages 4. We welcome any size of motorcycle or scooter 5. We welcome youngsters and newly qualified bikers


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